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The Ingham and Fallon families are two of the most respected names in the Travelling or Gypsy Community. The family has been dealing in, and building wagons for generations. Originally from Sligo, the family crossed the Irish Sea in the mid nineteenth century, settling in horse drawn Gypsy Caravans in the North of England. The Gypsy community still talk of Elizabeth Fallon, known as ‘Lady Pink’, who decked her caravan in pink silks and was renowned as a fortune teller, and wise woman. Wagon building skills have been inherited from Charles Ingham known as ‘Uncle Charlie’. He died in 1956, but his legacy of wagon building still lives on in his family and his great, great, grandchildren.

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New Wagons
New Wagons

Have you always wanted to own a Gypsy Caravan? Ingham and Fallon, are the only company constructing Gypsy living wagons commercially and in traditional style. The secrets of construction have been handed down in the family for many generations. Each wagon is hand crafted, and painted to show condition.
Wagons are fitted with steel artillery wheels or wooden wheels, and supplied with shafts and a wood burning stove (optional). We offer a delivery service to your door.

Used Wagons
Used Wagons

We always have access to second hand wagons, both open lot and doors and windows. Ingham and Fallon is the only company who buy directly from the Travelling or Gypsy community. Prices vary, but we are usually able to suit the customers needs, whether it be for static or road use. The Gallery will give you an idea of quality and style. Each second hand wagon is supplied in top condition, and delivered to your door.


Nothing is impossible when dealing with a Gypsy Caravan. If you have a wagon that needs restoring, or repainting, we will give you an honest opinion of the viability and price. A job that looks impossible to you may not be as bad as you think. If your wagon needs specialist advice we will happily put you in contact with the right man for the job. Contacting us and asking costs nothing and we are ready and willing to help.

Photo Gallery

Here are pictures of some of the wagons we have built, restored, or have passed through our hands over the years.

Shop on line
Shop On Line

Gypsies are renowned for their craftwork and painting skills. Why not visit our shop and view genuine Gypsy Craft items, and also a selection of CDs. Videos, and woodworking plans and Wagon accessories.

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