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We manufacture two wagon styles, the Open Lot wagon and the Doors and Windows wagon. Each has its own history and merits. Both wagons are built to exacting standards, are waterproof, road worthy, and furnished in traditional style. They are all supplied with steps. Wagons are light in construction and will suit a 12 to 14 hands horse. Shafts are supplied with tug stops, britching ‘D’s, and trace hooks, with firm barrel eyes and draw bar. The under works are made from the finest Ash, reinforced with steel bracing. These Wagons are ready for the road, or will grace your garden for years, as a testament to a way of life that has nearly disappeared.
The Open Lot
The open lot wagon is the choice of the Travelling People in this day and age. It is light, and durable with a warm canvas front laced up at night. It is the direct descendant of the Nineteenth century Pot Cart. Gypsies would build a detachable accommodation on a four wheeled Pot Cart, and sleep in it at night, The Open Lot developed in the 1930s from this modest beginning.
Open Lot wagons from £6000 plus £250 delivery (please contact us for details)

The Doors & Windows Wagon
This is a far older design, and our most popular model. The Doors and Windows wagon took its inspiration from the nineteenth century Bow Top wagons built in the Northern English County of Yorkshire. They are often erroneously called Yorkshire Bows. Plenty were built in Lancashire and Cumbria, and Bow Top, or just plain Living Wagon, is a better nametag. The doors and windows Wagon has a choice of rear shutters or casement window, (the Open Lot always has a casement window), and has the advantage of better security when on the road.
New wagons from £7500 plus £250 delivery( please contact us for details)
Gypsy Crafts
Gypsies made their living from selling their hand built wares. We are preserving that tradition by offering a selection of hand built and painted items for sale. Please go to our On Line Shop for further details.
Shop on line
Shop On Line
Gypsies are renowned for their craftwork and painting skills. Why not visit our shop and view genuine Gypsy Craft items, and also a selection of CDs. Videos, and woodworking plans and Wagon accessories.
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