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We always have access to second hand wagons, both open lot and doors and windows. Ingham and Fallon is the only company who buy directly from the Travelling or Gypsy community. Prices vary, but we are usually able to suit the customers needs, whether it be for static or road use. Each second hand wagon is supplied in top condition, and delivered to your door. We also supply an extensive range of Wagon accessories.
Used Wagons from £4000-£5000 plus £250 delivery (please contact us for details)
Featured Wagon
This beautiful waggon was built by a Romany Gypsy in the 1970's. We were lucky enough to sell it on to a good home where it is loved and appreciated. Although this is a unique wagon we always have access to genuine traveller built wagons, on artillery or wooden wheels. Each wagon is restored and delivered in first class condition.
Prices vary from £4000 to £5500 (please contact us for details or see our on line shop for our featured wagon)
Wagon Accessories
We have most items to fit out a wagon.
We always keep underlay, canvas, ring plates, scrole irons, panboxes, shafts, and steps, and we have access to ‘Queenie’ wood burning stoves and chimneys. We also keep some brass shaft and dray fixtures, bolt on brackets, and springs when available. We occasionally keep shaft blanks, fire irons (chitties), and iron pans and kettles. Please visit our on line shop for details.
Shop on line
Shop On Line

Gypsies are renowned for their craftwork and painting skills. Why not visit our shop and view genuine Gypsy Craft items, and also a selection of CDs. Videos, and woodworking plans and Wagon accessories.

Hand Crafted Accessories

If you are missing a certain item for your Wagon, we can usually supply it. Pan Boxes, Shaft Props, and some carvings are always available. Please contact us and ask.

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